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AHCC (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is a nutritional food supplement developed using a patented process from the mycelia of several species of mushrooms including the shiitake mushroom. AHCC is different from other mushroom extracts because it is very rich in alphaglucans (rather than betaglucans) and has very low molecular weight, making it highly absorbable by the body. Human clinical studies have shown that AHCC significantly improves immune response, increases and maintains normal NK cell activity, and enhances macrophage and T-Cell activity. AHCC has very high absorption due to its low molecular weight of only 5,000 daltons.

AHCC is the world's most researched specialty immune supplement with over 80 supporting research studies. Research on AHCC has been conducted at highly reputable medical institutions such as the Yale Medical School, Harvard-affiliated Faulkner Hospital and U.T.M.D Anderson. Yale Medical School completed study showing cancer-fighting properties of AHCC in the elderly (read the report here). Journal Nutrition and Cancer published double-blind placebo controlled study on AHCC and dendritic cells (read the report here). Japan's leading alternative cancer therapy used AHCC in hundreds of cancer clinics throughout Asia to protect the immune system of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 

According to Wikipedia report on AHCC, a study published in the Journal of Hepatology compared the outcomes of 113 post-operative liver cancer patients taking AHCC with 156 patients in the control group. The results showed the rate of recurrence of malignant tumors was significantly lower (34% versus 66%) and patient survival was significantly higher in the AHCC group (80% vs. 52%).

AHCC is the daily immune supplement of tens of thousands of people in Japan, China and worldwide, seeking to help their bodies to fight the formation of abnormal cells, whose growth can lead to cancer, chronic diseases and infections. AHCC has been used successfully to treat a wide range of health conditions, from minor ailments such as colds and flu, to serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hepatitis and cardiovascular disease. AHCC helps because many acute and chronic conditions share a hidden cause: compromised immune system. And as a biological response modifier, AHCC turns the dial up on your natural immune response, helping you fight all kinds of threats to your health.

Clinical trials indicate AHCC may play a significant role in increasing levels of various immune cells within the body, including Natural Killer Cells, Killer T-Cells, and macrophages. AHCC has also been shown to increase levels of interleukin-12 (IL-12), a powerful cytokine that is instrumental in maintaining cell health.

In vivo and human clinical trials have shown that AHCC modifies both the innate and adaptive immune response, by:

  • Increasing the production of cytokines

  • Increasing the activity of NK cells by as much as 300-800%

  • Increasing populations of macrophages, in some cases doubling them

  • Increasing the number of dendritic cells

  • Increasing the number of T cells by as much as 200%

AHCC is a unique ingredient that is costly to produce and manufactured by only one company in the world. So make sure the brand you buy is authentic and reputable. We have verified with the manufacturer of AHCC that the brands we carry is authentic - purchase pure AHCC supplied by them.

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