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Radiation detox - all natural radiation detox with herbs, vitamins and mineralsRadiation detox - all natural radiation detox with herbs, vitamins and mineralsRadiation detox - all natural radiation detox with herbs, vitamins and mineralsRadiation detox - all natural radiation detox with herbs, vitamins and minerals

Nuclear energy as greatest source of radiation threats
If there is a source of energy that is most convenient and rewarding to the corporate world, then it is the nuclear energy. The efficiency of production of energy for industrial and domestic use using nuclear reactors is just amazing. However, this amazing nuclear energy posses when of the most lethal threat to the existence of humanity. This often calls for natural radiation detox.

You need not go to far off in history to be able to appreciate this threat. The Chernobyl nuclear plant accident and now Fukushima are warnings that the human race can be turned into dinosaurs at a flip of a second. It should be noted that it is not always the blast of fire that is the greatest source of danger; rather it is nuclear radiation particles that harm the most. The nuclear bomb dropped in Hiroshima more than half a century ago still continues to cause harm and disillusion lives of innocent children who are born with deformities due to changes in genetic material assembling caused by radiation. Some of the radioactive materials would have been absorbed via food several miles away from the scene of the nuclear accident. In Chernobyl, the area around the plant remains a ghost town as no one can live there in the next 100 years or even more. Such as the threats to human existence that are caused by the spilling of nuclear radioactive materials.

Who is at risk of the threat from radiation?
In the case of Fukushima nuclear plant radiation threat, almost anyone in the world would be at risk of being affected by radioactive materials. This happens by the fact that if the nuclear power plant explodes, it will spill the radioactive materials into the air and it my find its way to the atmosphere. About 12 kms above the earth's surface, there is a high speed airstream that can send the particles to as far as North America and Europe from Japan. In addition, the radioactive materials can be washed by rain water into the rivers, lakes and the sea surrounding Japan. These waters can carry the radioactive materials to other ocean waters such as the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans thus posing a threat to many other people in far off countries including Australia. 

The air-dust with radioactive particles are also likely to land on soils used to cultivate foods. Because the plants usually accumulate the radioactive particles, they will concentrate them in the roots or leaves or stem or fruits depending on the plants preferred mode of storage. If you ingest these foods, then you expose your genetic material to the dangers of being dismembered leading to cancer, child birth with deformities or strange illnesses and can be prevented with all natural radiation detox.

What you can do to reduce the threat of nuclear radiation
The truth is that there is often very little that you can do to protect yourself from the threat of nuclear radiation. The most important precaution to take is to live many miles away from a nuclear power plant. Considering that in America lone there is about 104 nuclear power plant and some of them are situated in the earth quake prone areas, another nuclear power plant accident is almost inevitable. There are also such power plant for energy and other military and medical purposes in South Africa, India, China, most of Europe and Australia. 

Secondly, you need to be able to detoxify your body and prepare it to wash away the radioactive materials using natural radiation detox. Besides these radioactive materials, there are other heavy metals that may cause a threat to nuclear materials in the body cells. These include mercury and lead metals. 

How to conduct a detox your body naturally
This can be done through baths or eating foods that clear radioactive materials and heavy metals. We shall begin by looking at foods that can help in detoxifying your body and how they work before we look at some of the baths that you can take for natural radiation detox.

There are a number of natural foods that you can take to reduce the threat of radioactivity in a process called natural radiation detox. These include ginger, gingsen, Tumeric and holy basil. These foods serve as antioxidants, meaning that they are able to mop up free radicals which are the radioactive materials in the cells. The free radicals are responsible for inhibiting metabolic reactions, punching cell membranes and causing disarrangement of the genetic materials.

Sodium bicarbonate which is commonly known as baking soda is also a powerful binding material for the radioactive materials. It also binds heavy metals and allows the body to excrete them through the normal waste disposal methods and helps natural radiation detox process. 

You can a take a bath of magnesium mixed with the sodium bicarbonate to wash off any radioactive particles stuck on your skin from the air particles or water. These have great chelating effects and therefore able to bind heavy metals. 

In conclusion,
There are various natural methods to reduce the effects of radiation exposure by natural radiation detox. However, the best effort is to keep off from exposure. Also avoid using chemical methods that are not based on natural products to mop out radioactive materials.

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