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Radiation detox - all natural radiation detox with herbs, vitamins and mineralsRadiation detox - all natural radiation detox with herbs, vitamins and mineralsRadiation detox - all natural radiation detox with herbs, vitamins and mineralsRadiation detox - all natural radiation detox with herbs, vitamins and minerals

When is a radiation dangerous?
This is an important question that is now being asked by many people around the world especially after the Fukushima near nuclear accident disaster. The threat is still very much in place and unless the scientists succeed in cooling the plant, it is likely to explode and scatter around the world radioactive materials.

It is also true that we are exposed to some form of radiation at almost every other second of being alive. This is from both natural and man made sources. It is not all forms of rations that are a threat to humanity. It must reach a certain threshold to be a threat to life. Take the example of the sun's radiation, the UV or ultra violet radiation are always being exposed to us and are necessary for life to exist. The photosynthesis process in plants depends on this radiation to produce biomass that keeps all of use alive. These are safe radiations that do not harm the genetic materials or cellular activities. The radiations from nuclear plants are however supper charged and can damage living cells unless natural radiation detox is undertaken.

How can one keep safe from dangerous radiation?
Assuming the Fukushima nuclear plant gets out of hand and explodes like the Chernobyl nuclear power plant did, then you should expect that all of us in the planet earth will be at risk. This happens because the radioactive particles are dispersed through airstreams and water to other parts of the world. These get absorbed into the foods that we eat and therefore find their way into human bodies. We can also breathe the particles or absorb them through the skin. Therefore attempts to keep ourselves safe from dangerous radiations require that we not only keep far away from them, but we also have a way to remove the ones that have been absorbed into our bodies by detox. This is what is referred to as natural radiation detox. We can use physical, chemical and biological or natural methods to detoxify our bodies.

Which natural foods are best for use in detox?
These are foods that are rich in antioxidants and therefore able to provide an electron sink for free radicals. There are herbs, vitamins and minerals that have these abilities to natural radiation detox as indicted below.

The herbs that are popular and that have been found to have effective management of toxic radiation wastes include ginger, holy basil and turmeric. These herbs have high quantities of the antioxidants and have been demonstrated as being effective in moping up the free radicals from the radioactive materials. Ginger can be served in green tea which also has antioxidant properties and therefore enhance the effect against radioactive materials. Holy basil has been used in laboratory to treat mice exposed to radiation with great success as a natural radiation detox.

Chlorella and Spirulina are vegetables that have been found to have high capacities for absorbing radioactive materials. In both Hiroshima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters, the two vegetables were served with high levels of reversing or limiting the effects of exposure to radiation. 

Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, D and E are known to provide a long structure with opportunities for binding free radicals. They are therefore recommended for taking in high doses because they also help the body in preventing other disease besides natural radiation detox. 

Some trace metals that are taken in the meals and required for healthy living have the ability for chelating other heavy metals. These include iodine and magnesium which can be taken from grains and some fruits or vegetables that help in natural radiation detox.

Do ingesting iodine tablets improve chances of protecting ourselves from radiation?
Many articles on use of iodine have been published as possible remedies for managing an exposure to dangerous radiation. It is true that iodine has benefit in managing a threat of radioactive materials. Iodine which is also found in most table salt is usually absorbed into the thyroid gland. You need some limited amount of iodine for the function of the thyroid gland and thyroid hormone. However this needs to be in a limited amount because too much of it will cause the thyroid gland not to function well. This can be fatal to other body functions such as regulation of the body temperatures.

By ingesting iodine tables a few hours before the radiation exposure occurs, you will pile up the iodine in the thyroid glands and prevent it from taking in the radioactive iodine thus protect your thyroid glands and other body parts from radiation and cancers as one of the natural radiation detox.

In conclusion, there are several benefits of using natural herbs, vitamins and minerals to manage exposure to radiation. This can be best achieved by making it a habit to be eat foods rich in these vitamins and minerals regularly for natural radiation detox. As the threat to radiation is increased by the Fukushima nuclear plant, make it a practice to always keep iodine and sodium bicarbonate.

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